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Our group informs you of every single raffle and release, that includes all of the raffles that most popular websites miss!

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We don’t just stop at sneaker sites, our monitors detect price errors, deals and freebies on websites whilst notifying you of random profitable flips.


We have a team dedicated to providing auto checkout services on every site you need. We also give members free slots on a regular basis!

Masterclasses & Q&A's

We host weekly masterclasses from welcome discussions to sneaker bots, how to sell your products, how to maximise your profit margins and more!

Bot Group Buys & Set Up Guides

Thanks to our years of experience and building connections amongst the sneaker community, we are able to offer frequent group buys for those bots that are always out of stock!

Unique Tools

We have developed unique tools specifically for Aftermarket Arbitrage members, such as personalised keyword pingers, receive alerts when any keyword you choose is mentioned on the discord & more!

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Who would've thought watching some geezer eat Kebabs would change my life financially for the better.. Back in November during lockdown decided to take the plunge and invest £25 into AMA as it was a sponsor of FRC. Since I joined I'm currently sat at just under £23K profit with haf of that being lumped as a cash deposit on my dream car. Thankyou AMA.
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The guys at AMA made me feel welcome, at ease as well various other members. 7 months down the line, 60K sales on eBay alone, plus a couple of grand on Marketplace combing an impressive profit of around 18K. The team at AMA, the members who make you feel welcome, to help, no egos are around this group. We are all there to help each other together which is the best part.
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AMA has been an amazing experience for me and I am glad to be part of the group. It's the only general cook group I'm in and probably ever will be in. Jack and the team have supported me ever since I've joined and I couldn't ask any more from any of them. They have literally changed my life for the better. There's genuinely nothing bad I can say about the group.
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From my £600 7 months ago to now I can say I have made a lot more money than what I would have made £6 an hour. I've paid for my own car costing 4K and paid my insurance off costing 2.7K and still have loads of capital leftover ready to make it back. All this wouldn't have been possible without Aftermarket Arbitrage and i can not wait for what the future holds and the amount of money i am going to make

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