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How do we help you make money?

At Aftermarket we’ve created the UK’s leading solutions to one thing… Profitability. Everything encompassed within our platform is geared to one thing, making you the extra money that you desire.

These range from: Handing you products, Access to product finding software, A-Z guides, Video tutorials, Step by Step instructions, teaching you how to find your own products and so much more. Check our full list below.

A2A software pings​

Buying goods from Amazon to then resell back on Amazon can be very profitable! We have various in-house developed Amazon bot’s with different filters that will track profitable/fast selling items, the bot will alert you once the price drops significantly. You can then buy at the low price and resell back on Amazon at the high price!

Price drops/errors

We are giving you the tools to make your online sourcing much more efficient! We have software that will detect any significant price changes on various website’s. This will then send you an alert upon a price drop for you to do further research on to determine if that product in particular will be a good seller on Amazon.

Store checker/stock checker

We make retail arbitrage easy for all our users. These tools will save you time as the stock numbers from stores are live meaning you won’t waste time checking stores and coming out empty handed! Also it will tell you what aisle the products are located in! Again saving you the time and effort of searching. Pretty cool right?

1:1 support

We have a team of experts ranging from 6-7 figure Amazon seller’s that are here to support you along your Amazon Journey! If you have any questions or concerns, you have the opportunity to speak to our Amazon team directly on a 1:1 basis. Remember, no question is a silly question. Take advantage of the support we can provide to better your selling experience!

A-Z guides

Complete A-Z Amazon set up and selling guides. It will cover everything from starting fresh and opening your Amazon seller account to providing tips/tricks and education. We will turn you into an FBA pro in no time! It is key you utilise our guides to ensure you know all the in’s and out’s of Amazon and what to expect/look out for when becoming a proficient Amazon seller.

Step by step video tutorials

We understand starting a new venture means you’re stepping into the unknown. For this reason, we have created step by step video tutorials for you to follow as a new FBA seller. Such as:

How To Send Your First Shipment To Amazon ( FBA Beginner Tutorial )

We've got it covered!

30+ leads per day

Concerned you don’t know what sell on Amazon? We have a team of lead providers that posts around 30+ profitable leads every day to sell on Amazon. These are a blend of online and in-store leads you can resell on Amazon for a profit. You have the peace of mind that whatever we post, has been vetted by Amazon sellers beforehand! Our software also pings various leads every day!

Online and Retail Arbitrage Sourcing Masterclasses

We teach you exactly how to find your own products too. Don’t just rely on us! We will teach you the exact strategies you need to source your own products as well! Our experts have developed the most comprehensive and easy to follow videos that you need to source your own items. Couple that with our software and products? Well you’re on the pathway to success.

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When you signup with Aftermarket, you’re actually working with a network of services to help you achieve huge goals. We have partnerships with other companies to kick start your journey into the FBA market.

Become a Limited Company

We've partnered with the best in the business. We'll help you set up as a limited company completely FREE

Business Banking

You'll need a business bank to track those profits, that's why we've partnered with a leading digital bank.

Unlike other reselling communities, we actually assist you with some of the important stuff.  We’ll help you become a limited company and get yourself a business bank account so you can get things done properly. So expect a call from our team after you have joined us. Welcoming you and helping you get the ball rolling.

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