If you’re new to the reselling game, you’re probably wondering what your plan of action is. You’ll be trying to figure out which items will give you the most bang for your buck.

Let’s run through some of the best things to resell online, some of these may be obvious, others will not.


The sneaker reselling industry has been valued at over £44 million in 2021, it’s no wonder why this is at the top of our list. However, we need to point out that it’s not just ‘any’ sneakers – this might be obvious to some but it’s worth mentioning. While some sneaker brands are always the most popular to resell, such as Nike and Adidas, you can’t just buy any old sneaker from this brand and expect it to be resold at a higher price. The Aftermarket Arbitrage Community can set you up with notifications of the latest drops, which are the ones you definitely want to look out for.

Consoles (Xbox & PS5s)

Consoles are another big one in the reselling community. Since their release in 2019, the Xbox and PS5 are constantly selling out. While the PS5 is more popular than the Xbox currently, the fact that shops regularly still sell out of these consoles means that they will still fetch a higher price on the resale market. The tricky part is buying one at retail before they sell out! Luckily for Aftermarket users, they know days in advance before the consoles are released online for retail purchase.

Supreme Clothing

There’s a huge market for reselling Supreme clothing because of the extremely high demand. Resellers can make hundreds and thousands of pounds a year alone just by reselling Supreme goods. They have two seasons, the Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections, and during these seasons they drop new products every Thursday. While not every item in their drops will be worth large amounts, you’ll always find one product or two that will go for a good resale price. It’s not only clothing – they sometimes sell other ‘one-off’ items that can go for a good price. The great resale value comes from the brand Supreme itself, the novelty of the item (you can buy a Supreme dog bowl!) and the rarity of the item.

Other items

In the Aftermarket Arbitrage Community, we don’t just notify you of the obvious things that are great for reselling, we take the thinking outside of the box and give you direction into items you may never have thought would resell for a great price. These include: Hot tubs Pokémon Outdoor Furniture. Now you’ve got an idea of what you can resell, how would you like to know exactly when and where you can buy these items before anyone else knows?

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